The Man In The Maze

Life sure has its twists and turns.  Some of the South West Indian Tribes have produced some very fine artists.  I have a few pieces of art that has engravings with the image called ”The Man In The Maze.”  This image has become a popular engraving.  If I understand correctly this image symbolizes the uncertainty of life.  The man stands at the beginning of the Maze and of course the Maze has its twists and turns along with its dead ends and open clear pathways.  The idea is that life is uncertain, unpredictable, always changing.  The Maze is to teach, even warn us to be ready for the unexpected.  Now that I am starting to move out of my middle age years I continue to be surprised at how life presents the unexpected.  Maybe a better way of saying this is that life has been different, dramatically different from whatever we could have imagined.  Many of my acquaintances and those couple of people who I consider very special and think of as friends have agreed on this one point and that is, life has not been predictable but again different from anything we could have dreamed or expected when we were growing out of our teenage years.

As  Christians there should be joy in our lives and contentment.  I also understand from scripture there is a battle at least a struggle which can rage within all of us.  I have to believe Paul was not just clearing his conscience in Romans Chapter 7.  One of the reasons the Bible is real  is the characters are real.  These people are real with real personalities, real hurt,  real pain with success and at times not so much success.  I think but I could be wrong whoever belongs to Christ has to be driven by the Spirit of God.  We live with two truths a paradoxical life if you will.  There is joy and contentment knowing that our relationship with God is guaranteed.  There is a total emotional and intellectual satisfaction we should all be experiencing under his mercy and grace and yet there is still a driving force within all of us or maybe I should speak for myself.  I would like to believe it is the Holy Spirit which is pushing us to serve and not to be satisfied with our effort but only to be satisfied with the God-given results of our effort.  I am content in  mind, heart, and soul that I am forgiven and will spend eternity with God.  Again, there is a second truth where I am not at peace and there is a part or a portion in my life that is not complete or content.  It is as if I keep hearing the Irish rock ‘n roll group U2 singing the lyrics of one of their popular songs, “I have still not found what I’m looking for.”

Simply put I am content and feel provided with multiple blessings and even miracles in my life and I mean real miracles.  There is a contentment yet also a yearning in my spirit that gives me little rest or peace.  Is God in control?  Yes.  I have to believe and want to believe that God will continue to guide me through the Maze and my need to serve him will continue to take me through the uncertainty of life.  Am I happy and content? Yes!   Is there something else out there that I am to do?  Yes, at least I hope so.  I have gone to great difficulties to make sure that anyone who reads this essay will understand that I am content in my relationship with God but again I feel that I still stand at the beginning or start of the Maze.  I am no longer concerned with the unforeseen yet sometimes I am still having difficulty believing  the experiences that I have had and the journey that God has allowed me to take.  Given the circumstances in my life which would probably bore the reader,  I thank God for each day.  I feel as if I  have lived three lives.  With all this said I since there is still something that God wants  me to do or maybe it is just my mistake and it is just my desire.  Regardless of my internal conflict, God will take me and get me where he wants me to go.


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