Another War To Fight

It is easy to talk about war if the one who is doing the talking never has to carry a gun or be in danger on the battlefield. It may even be easier to speak or write about war if the person making the comments has no friends or loved ones in danger of getting into the fight . This is a situation I found myself in as I began to express my feelings and ideas about the problems our country is presently experiencing. I have a serious disability and unless we are invaded and the bad guys are on the outskirts of Bakersfield, I will not be drafted or see action and yet given the men and women who live in the valley I would recommend that no one try to invade them.

I remember very clearly my seventh grade teacher asking me what I thought about the Vietnam War and I remember clearly that we all had a good laugh with the exception of my teacher. I told him we would be done with the war before I was 16 years old. The war was raging as we all turned 18 and entered the lottery known as the draft. I would have been drafted if I had not been injured from a diving accident. The point is our country has known very little peace since the Vietnam era and things are worse.

I am convinced that we are fighting the wrong wars and involved in the wrong conflicts. No doubt we are protecting and saving people from political and religious tyranny. We are protecting their lives. We are doing good but when we leave and we will leave, will the people want their freedom as much as we wanted it for them? A quick side note and that is our country is more than a decent model for what works as a revolution. Our own people started the ball rolling and we were as our Declaration of Independence says, willing to give our lives, our sacred honor and our treasure in order to be free.

The real problem is at our southern border. There is an evil being played out in the most hideous criminal behavior that our country has ever witnessed. The Mid East is in turmoil fueled by evil people willing to kill and destroy anyone who offers the slightest resistance to their goal of control and domination. This is no small matter but the wrong war.  We will have to deal with Iran but we will need a new President to stop Iran and their bomb making. At this time our leaders are not up to the tasks of protecting our people and this is a nightmare. Regardless of what is said and the dozens of speeches that are given our leaders do not have the political will to stand up for our people. Decisions are no longer based on the need of the people but the political needs of our politicians. I have heard on more than one occasion a Senator or Congressman or Congresswoman speaking from their respective congressional floors telling the people regardless of what we the people want, they as our leaders must vote their conscience. I always thought our representatives worked for us but in many situations it is just not true. The point is the security of this country appears to be based on political correctness and our leaders efforts are bent in service of this correctness.

 I am concerned about anyone coming across our border who is not known by our government. I am concerned about the thousands of murders along our southern border. I am concerned that drugs are freely flowing now that we no longer use the terms ”war on drugs” and now there are powerful moments to legalize drugs. I am concerned this legalization being considered is fashioned after the European programs that have failed. I am concerned about the notifications that there are drug cartel criminals now living and operating in dozens and dozens of American towns and cities. I am concerned that our people can not safely live and work along the border on their own ranches and farms. I am also concerned that there is evidence that drug cartel criminals are operating and growing crops in our national parks and there are areas in our parks that the America people can no longer visit or travel through safely. There is an evil loose along our southern border that is so ugly and destructive that even when reported on by the liberal media the America people have difficulty believing in its existence.

Why are we fighting to protect borders in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why is it our leaders have the courage and the will to care about the citizens from these countries and yet debate endless hours about sending our National Guard to our border to protect our people. Our previous president was able to send our National Guard to the border for a limited time but of course they were given no ammunition to protect themselves or American citizens. Our people are denied protection while our government continues to pass more gun control laws for honest citizens to obey. The government will not defend the people and will not let the people defend themselves. Our leaders warn the drug cartel that they better ”watch it.” Maybe they will turn up the heat and send them a strongly worded letter and if that doesn’t work our representatives may use harsh language.

I can’t say that I know how to solve the problem but I certainly understand how to protect our people and to reach out and help those who are hungry and in need. We need to elect leaders that are not just celebrities, able to raise the most money or the candidate of the media. Ronald Reagan was an actor then governor of a major state and ran a major economy before becoming President. Before we can begin to solve the problems our country is facing whether it is the economy, foreign issues, healthcare or education, we must elect leaders that are not just concerned with political ideology. We must elect leaders that are God-fearing and who want to serve the American people and not their own Democrat or Republican parties. God help us in finding men and women who love God and put the American people first. God loves the whole world that is all of us and it only makes sense to strengthen our house staying strong so we can reach out and help those people who want help and who want to help themselves. There has been and will be times when America will have to carry the load until those in need can care for themselves. Freedom is an idea that most people in the world would not be able to describe.  What is this freedom that so many American people have been willing to give their lives, treasure and sacred honor for?  Why are we so interested in exporting or sharing this freedom with the world. As a Country before we say anything to anyone, the American people must put our own house in order.


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