I can’t wait to see whats next for me.

Will the next shoe drop as foretold?

Will life start to slow even more as I grow?

Is the gray just a warning I’m old?

Does it matter to you  when you search for the blue

that once decorated my eyes?

Are the lines in my face so far out of place,

my photos don’t match them at all?

You never held back the touch of your hand

or  your fingers that ran though my hair.

Your eyes never lied when they looked deep inside

knowing all I loved and the care.

Yes the kid came in play toward the end of the day.

The music has not been this loud.

I wrote to a friend, to a famous friend.

She answer I’m as gray as the clouds.

The truth never lies, you speak with your eyes.

Green is the color of love.

Time to depart.

To pack up my heart. I’ll move closer to you in the dark.

With tears to be shed for the losses I dread.

Quitting is not in my head.

Life belongs to me, I remember the sea.

The streets we pushed up and down.

The hills that we climbed, the nights drinking wine and

the days just fooling around.

With hardly no money, now it seems funny

we spent whatever we had.

On weekends we rested and sometimes we slept in.

On weekends we visited dad.

The music is playing reckless its leading.

Our souls spinning out of control.

We have a new member a new family member everyone calls him Bo.

Its a new life beginning, nothing like wining.

Looking to heaven above.

Angles are flying, kneeling and praying.

Signing to Him with our Love.

Corky Riley



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