The light has left the room.
Must survive the gloom

He says he’s a dancer

A singer a prancer
Drinks my soda and eats my food.

He taps  and will shuffle left to right
Leaving the room with the light
dancing away into the night

Strangers paid to come right in
To help me and do what they can
Fear controls my young heart
God, I’m still afraid of the dark.

There are others living in this place
The rooms were small with little space
I couldn’t think and I couldn’t feel
All the time hoping to heal

The first 6 months I didn’t heal
Always asking if this is real
My hands don’t work, my arms are weak
I lost weight, and desire to eat
I could not sit I couldn’t stand
Referred to as a half a man

Disappointment tore at me

Nothing left for me to be

Stole my dreams, took my soul

Time to leave, time to go

How to escape this lasting pain

Leave this life, go insane

Bow to Jesus, hold the cross

Find the love, I have lost.

Find the beauty in her eyes

One more time before I die

Just one more time before I die.

Corky Riley





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