Beauty In The Desert Dress

She was a beauty compared to the rest,

wearing an outfit called the Desert Dress.

Her outfit was the Desert Dress.

The color was cream and it reached the sand.

Soft to the touch, smooth to the hand.

It wasn’t the dress that held my stare,

or the colored hills or the Sun’s bright glare.

I watched her move on to the path,

away from me and far from the grass.

Watching her move every move she made

telling my heart it had to behave.

Her eyes, her skin and jet black hair,

The dress was magic and hers to wear.

The clouds came quickly and darken the sky

letting forth rain like tears from the eyes.

It was time to leave and head for our home.

The memories were mine, mine all alone.

Looking over my shoulder taking a breath

remembering beauty and the Desert Dress.


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