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Alison and Our Time

June 22, 2016

Today is my Anniversary. It is odd but I don’t feel any different today than I felt yesterday. I guess the simple truth is that everyday with Alison is a special day. I remember everything about the first day I met her and the first time I asked her to spend time with me having lunch and I certainly remember where and how I told her I loved her for the first time. I remember every good and decent thing she has said and done for me and others. I remember the hardships and those days full of trouble and even though some horribly dark nights Alison never left me alone. I remember more than once waking up in the hospital in the middle of the night and looking over next to me and Alison would be sitting across from me quietly, waiting until I was safe. I remember all the traveling we did together all over the states and the beauty and wonder we experienced together in the high desert and the beauty of the red rock formations in Sedona. I have never known a person to give as freely of herself, friends, family and strangers than Alison. I will never forget the morning she carried our new born son into our house for the first time. Everyday seems to hold a special blessing from God. It has been a true adventure living with and loving Alison. I have to say if something were to happen to me, I can say I know what it is and means to truly love and be loved by one’s spouse.