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October 23, 2019

As I have aged and journeyed through some recent illnesses I have spent a good deal of time thinking about all those people throughout my life that has helped me personally and or helped me with my career.  I was watching and listening to Andre Rieu who is a well known conductor. Reiue travels throughout the world with his orchatrusa, singers, and dancers, bringing a blend of classical, operatic and popular music to anyone who is interested in enjoying an incredible musical event.

The music I was listening to seemed to connect people in the adudence with all the good things in life.  At least that’s how I felt. The music made me want to dance which is not an easy thing for me to do. It caused me to want to read a good book, to go for a walk or stroll through the old corridors at Stanford university or to sit outside under a cover at my favorite café watching and listening to the rain, while enjoying a drink or starting up conversations with people I never met before. The music I was listening to seem to be an expression of hope and that there is still a chance in life to salvage something good from the past, to save something good from the present and to  still believe that we might have a dream about the future that can come true. Most of all this particular performance caused me to think of my wonderful wife, friend and teacher for many years.  My wife Alison is an outstanding Psycho-Therapist, wife, mother, friend and as I said teacher.  Alison has witnessed and experienced things most of us can only experience through reading books or possibly viewing documentaries or listening to the masters from the field of Psychotherapy and Psychology as they tell their professional and personal stories. Alison’s journey in this life can be described much like the music of Rieu, To know Alison is to experience all the good things in life. I love the word soul and realize for many people it has different meanings. When I think of Alison, I think of the word soul and I think of the words beautiful life and it is clear to me she has a beautiful life that will enrich a friend or person who may have professional contact with her. Alison is obviously special to me but she sees the music in other peoples lives. She sees and points out the good in others. Alison has a huge heart but she never fails to value the heart God had given to all of His children.